Roles Of Family In Socialization

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Family plays a major role in the in the socialisation or and ultimately the education process of the child. One of the most dramatic impacts on a child `s life is the education or socialisation process whose outcome which is determined by family background. Forces removed from our immediate decision-making process guide us all. The major agents of socialisation are family. school ,religion / spirituality exert external pressure on each of us . As the primary agent of socialisation and the first educator, the family plays an essential role in the transmission of fundamental values that encourage and nurture learning in the young Children’s s social background. It is still the most significant factor in determining their success. The performance of the child in school is determined by where they come from. Social background in this case refers to how the child is raised in terms of family setup i.e. type of family, including religion. It also refers to the socioeconomic status of the parents, which includes social class. Educating or socializing activities used synonymously are those whose aim is to make people more alike and more distinct. Each person was born twice: biological and social. In terms of biology, the birth of human is not different from that of other animals. The process of changing a baby from a natural organ to social person happens though education or socialisation .This refers to second birth. In spite of being humanly born, the baby will never become
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