Roles Of Government In Public Administration

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The role of government is a core issue in Public Administration. Critically discuss the main functions that government should perform.

Firstly, a government consists of institutions responsible for making collective decisions for society. More narrowly, government refers to the top political level within such institutions (Jolobe, 2016:26)
Public Administration is the organization of the public sector, and has been said to relate to all those operations having fulfilled or enforced their purpose within public policy (Harris, 1990:91)
The Public Administration is directly related to the role of government, the public sector is a ‘tool’, which is used by the government to carry out the main functions that government should perform.

The public sector plays a crucial role in determining real living standards, the quality of schools, hospitals, community care, the environment, public transport, law and order, town planning and welfare services (Hughes, 2003:72).
The role of government involves deciding how much of what needs to be provided as well as the redistribution of income to the less advantaged and is therefore the foundation of Public Administration.

The difference between public and private administration is that public administration has the interest of the state or the people as opposed to private administration, which is not as open and is more secretive in order to protect business and so therefore conceal information [Harris, 1990: 94].

The seven main
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