Roles Of Grotowski's Character In The Stage Play

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With regards to acting and characterization, Grotowski aimed at using the actor for most of the performance so therefore props were not essential. He employed the actors as props instead. He wanted the acting to create authenticity, which was similar to Stanislavski’s system yet more physical as he believed physicality was the key component of poor theatre. Stanislavski influenced Grotowski with regards to certain techniques such as Stanislavski’s emotion memory technique, which he used on many of his actors. Grotowski emphasized his concept of the “Holy Actor” which is tied to the idea that the performer gives himself as a gift to the audience. “This is a technique of the trance and the integration of all the actors psychic and bodily powers which emerge from the most intimate layers of his being and instinct,…show more content…
We have established two different characters for certain performers. I have the character of a Zulu in the opening scene and then change to another character that is trying to evoke the audience to be aware of the environmental destruction human beings are creating. Although each of the performers are given more than one character, we have employed Grotowskis methods in order to adopt effective personalities for each different character as well as forming a defined character. My character in the stage play is a women who is an environmentalist and aims at protecting the environment. Adopting an effective personality is the psyche of my character which is the psychological impact that has embedded emotion such as anger and frustration that is caused from the destruction of the environment by human beings polluting and their disregard for the earth. Forming a defined character is through physicality that is motivated from an individual’s subtext that evokes an emotion causing a reaction or response to the given
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