Roles Of Literature In Literature

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Teaching Language Through Literature

Literature plays an important role in teaching. It helps to develop the four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Also there are many advantages on students’ development and for whose that going to be teachers.
First of all literary works make the classes more enjoyable than a main course class, use of literature creates a real environment and students can feel like they live that situation. Within literature the students get the chance to learn about other things like, time (century), the setting, people in that time (behavior) and about the general environment.
Furthermore literary works include rich linguistic input. It means that literature is a very good source in teaching. Because teaching a language needs many different texts to show some grammar, structures, creating sentence and etc. . So using classics in lessons help students to express themselves in a foreign language through literature. In a class there are several types of students, a teacher cannot keep up with all students and with their learning styles. But literature in that situation can help to teacher and one short story may include many different styles of learning. These stories benefits students to use their imagination, they easily have empathy with others and lead them to know their creativity. For example, if students show a literary play the students will have been getting the meaning of words, the emotions, the

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