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The media industries provide information and entertainment, but media can affect political, social and cultural institutions. It is important to understand the role that mass media plays in political aspects of the society. The mass media has a powerful influence on political reality, as it shapes public opinion and lays the foundations of political beliefs. Sometimes referred to as the fourth branch of government in democratic countries the media plays a crucial role during elections and in times of change. Therefore, politicians and political parties are particularly sensitive towards their media presence and the media coverage of their public appearances. The relationship between politics and the mass media is closely related to the debate…show more content…
In liberal democracy, the media facilitates the public discourse, informs the public, represents the public and acts as a watchdog of the branches of government. Analysts highlight the role of the media in the support of true democratic society. As a watchdog in the political world, the media has the task of criticizing decision-makers in society. Journalists can fulfill this task only if they are independent. On the other hand, dependence on powerful structures and financial resources can handicap the media's ability to be an effective watchdog in political life. Although in democratic society, governments and political parties do not put direct pressure on the media, the competition and the free market rules create different restrictions for journalists and their employers. In a bid to maximize profit, commercial TV channels are forced to respond to the interests of advertisers. In this context, public broadcasters are expected to be more independent and closer to the democratic ideal. Researchers insist that sometimes they serve the public interest better than their commercial…show more content…
NEWS YOU CAN CHOOSE: Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director, recently told the New Yorker magazine, "With the Internet, with YouTube, with TiVo, with cable TV, people are selective viewers now. People approach their news consumption the way they approach their iPod: You download the songs you like and listen to them when you want to listen to them." That affects the way reporters spend their days and the way campaigns craft their message. 2. SHARE THIS: Sharing is emerging as a way of distributing the news—tweets from the streets of Iran and from the rubble of Haiti have been retweeted hundreds of times in a new, virtual form of word of mouth. The White House's Facebook page has nearly half a million fans; its Twitter feed has 1.7 million followers. That's no surprise: President Obama was the first candidate to announce his White House run via Web video and his vice presidential pick by text message. Don't forget that Sarah Palin began the whole "death panels" discussion not by giving an interview but by posting the idea on her Facebook page, which then got shared with thousands of

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