Roles Of Philosophy By Socrates

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The views different roles of philosophy according Socrates Socrates was one of the world’s greatest asker of questions He is a man who preferred to ask questions in order to gain and share knowledge with others. The urge and love to learn was what he lived for and believed in. Sharing and teaching others was his first love .Philosophy is the core nature of knowledge , existence and also the way of life. In this essay I will be talking about the different roles of philosophy according to Socrates Enlightening the youth of Athens as Socrates believed they were lost. This role comes across as very important, reason being that one cannot be satisfied by people or live with people that are not knowledgeable .Philosophers believe in sharing and teaching people about the knowledge that they have acquired through their different methods and experiences. (Burnyeat, 1997)Socrates teaches through questions. By engaging people in serious conversations, Socrates shows and persuades them that they are not, as they supposed wise. His purgation seem to be altogether good especially for the young. Socrates seems to improve rather than corrupt other people young and old alike. In persuading others he always aims at controlling himself rather than provoke them. The knowledge that you have Socrates refers to it as wisdom. It is the knowledge that he himself and others lack. Sharing the bit that you have with others will help build a much better community and future generation. (Kelkavage,
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