Roles Of Spartan Women

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The Roles of Spartan Women differed in many ways from those of Athens. From a young age, Spartan Women have raised different than their Athenian counterparts. As children, Spartan women were taught from the age of 7 that education would be key for them in life. They were taught how to read and write in case something happens to their loved ones in the future and were forced to take care of themselves and their family in the future. Unlike Athenian women who were taught simple housewives roles such as, taking care of the children, cooking and raised to be housewives who were very dependent on the men in the house. Spartan women were raised and lived in an environment where Men were treated equally on the battlefield. Women worked hard alongside the men to prove they were just as hardworking and dedicated to Spartan society. Spartan Women would disown their children if they were cowards in battle, Plutarch was quoted talking about Damatria, a Spartan mother who had found out about her son’s cowardly actions and decided to deal with that herself “Damatria heard that her son had been a coward and unworthy of her, and when he arrived, she made away with him” (Plut. Lacae. 5.1). Plutarch Speaks about this moment in his literary work of “On Sparta” which discusses the life and customs of Spartans. Athenian women would never have the chance to confront their children over there acts on the battlefield as women were seen as objects and were either wives or sex slaves. As for Marriage
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