Roles Of Stakeholders In Tourism

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4.0 The mix of Stakeholders involvements in the development of Tourism in Ghana Stakeholders are very important in the development of tourism in the country. The stake holders of Ghana tourism include Ghana Tourism Authority, Government, Ministry of Tourism, Traditional rulers, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Ghana Investment Promotions center (GIPC) etc. these stakeholders has various functions and performs different roles to help in the development of tourism in the country. It is known that Government and the locals are the important stakeholders in tourism developments and sustainability in a country (William and Lawson, 2001). Freeman (2010) stated that an organization can be characterized by its relationship with the organization…show more content…
It is also involved in provision and maintenance of infrastructures. The ministry of tourism, culture and creative arts (MTCCA) is in charge for communicating regulations and national policies for tourism, culture and creative arts. The Ghana Museums and Monuments Board (GMMB) is also in charge for obtaining, preserving and recording or documenting the country’s material cultural heritage. The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) is also responsible for licensing. Registering, inspecting and classifying accommodations in the tourism sector, travel operations and the catering services. The Ghana Tourism Authority is also responsible for promoting and marketing Ghana as a tourism destination. The Ghana Immigration service takes charge in regulating the entry and departure of tourist to and from the country. Traditional rulers are very important stakeholders in development of Ghana’s tourism. The traditional rulers often are the owners of lands that might be needed for infrastructure in the future and also controls the tourism sites. The traditional chiefs are also the ones who organize festivals and can also serve as a part of Ghana’s rich cultural…show more content…
The government needs to help economically by providing funds to improve on road networks, rejuvenation of tourist attractions and sites, museums, accommodation facilities, restaurant facilities, portable water and electricity, good transportation system, sanitation and introduce new tourism products that will attract tourist to the country. There is a need to rejuvenate the existing tourist attract attractions or site to help generate more revenue to the economy. The industry needs to adopt more qualified personnel to help trained the workers and help improve on the industry productivity. There is a need to upgrade hospitality and tourism institution by providing the training institutions with qualified instructors, good facilities, standard required programs and accreditations. 5.2 Promote Private Public Partnership for investments in the Industry The private sector would be involved in the development of tourism in Ghana should also come in the form of financial support to the public sector to implements projects that would be geared toward a vibrant tourism in Ghana. A public-private marketing forum should be established to facilitate joint decision making, agreement of joint marketing programs and ensuring that public and private tourism stakeholders promote a common brand identity and messages. 5.3 Market and Promote Ghana as a Competitive Tourism

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