Roles Of The Hospitality Industry

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AC 1.3 Assess the role of hospitality related organisations and professional bodies
The hospitality industry is enforced under governing bodies that holds key policies so that similar sectors across the world may obey. Two international hospitality related organisations are: British Hospitality Association (BHA) and United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and two professional bodies are Institute of Hospitality and Jamaica Tourist Board. The BHA holds one of the most important representative of the industry being studied (hospitality industry). The body represents restaurants, food service providers and hotels. This body links the industry to the government and other associations (Hospitality Net, 2017). The researcher
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Institute of Hospitality main role is to share the knowledge of hospitality to students on the key topics leisure, tourism sector and the hospitality industry on a broad scale. It also educates on the professions that the industry holds based on different skills (, 2017).

3. Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is the organization in Jamaica that associates with the European bodies to develop and market Jamaica tourism sectors to the world as a destination of diversity (, 2016).

4. British Hospitality Association (BHA), role is “to promote the interests of operators, brands and owners across hotels, restaurants and food service, serviced apartments, clubs and visitor attractions” (British Hospitality Association, 2017).

5. UNWTO is seen as the universal body that develop the hospitality industry worldwide (Hospitality Net, 2017).

6. UNWTO plays a focal and decisive part in advancing the improvement of responsible, reasonable and generally available tourism, with the point of adding to economic advancement, global comprehension, peace, thriving and all-inclusive regard for, and recognition of, human rights and central opportunities (, n.d.).
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As per (2016), Jamaica Tourist Board is an association which advances Jamaican tourism, relaxation and accommodation to explorers with the goal that the nation may get remote trade. They are worked inside a savagely focused condition against different nations, along these lines, their point of giving valid data about the best well-being and delight resort or supporting occasions which vacationers typically attend. JTB adds to financial improvement, that they can make an elevated expectation of living for their kin by making tourism a need. British Hospitality Association (BHA) has four centre crusades which help to keep the association concentrated on their motivation. The diverse motivation behind British Hospitality Association (BHA) incorporate rousing the cutting edge with the enormous hospitality discussion which supports openings for work for individuals to work inside the business, encouraging access which enables more residents to go to and from their nation by enabling more individuals to acquire visas to go outside their nation (British Hospitality Association, 2017). Driving intensity which gives remote trade which will permit nation's development and financial improvement, and responsible hospitality which ensures that wastes are arranged legitimately and supporting the development of tourism. Also, BHA

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