Roles Of The Soad Practitioners (SOAD)

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The responsible clinician is usually a medical practitioner-although this role can be undertaken by professionals from other areas such as nursing or psychology, social work or occupational therapy. This professional is responsible for the treatment and overall care of individuals who are being assessed and treated under the Mental Health Act. Provided they are appropriately qualified, they can prescribe treatments, review the situation for those detained, and decide whether or not the individual should continue to be detained. They are also responsible for discharging patients who have been detained. SECOND OPIONION APPOINTED DOCTORS (SOADs) The SOAD service safeguards the rights of patients detained under the Mental Health Act who either refuse the treatment prescribed to them or are deemed incapable of consenting. …show more content…

You can request a second opinion online using our provider Portal. It 's the quickest easiest way to send forms. It explains how your CTO is made and what your rights are, you can get a community treatment order (CTO) if you have been in hospital under the Mental Health Act. Your responsible clinician can arrange it. A CTO means you will have supervised treatment when you leave

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