Roles Of Women In A Multicultural Perspective

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Role of Women at Workplace – A Multicultural Perspective

Chapter 1: Introduction

World has truly turned into a global village, owing to the advancement of technology, means of transportation and rapid growth of media. Now people either move to different countries more frequently or work collaboratively in different parts of world by using the modern communication tools. This situation leads to a scenario where multiculturalism can be observed in every aspect of life, whether it’s in educational institutions or in workplaces. One may say that this is a positive thing as it adds diversity to work and develops better understanding between people of different cultures but it also arises some problems when it comes to the conflicting points of interacting cultures. Every society have different norms which are based on several factors such as traditions, religion and political situation. Role of women in society is considered to be a sensitive topic and when it comes to multicultural interactions, specifically at workplaces then it sometime creates conflicting situations. According to worldometers, 49.6% of world’s total population consists of females. Although the ratio of women is almost the equal to the ratio of men, but the expected behavior and roles for women are not same all over the globe. In this paper we will study the role of Women at Workplace in a Multicultural Perspective. Our area of scope for this study will be Western Europe (mainly France and Sweden) and South

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