Roles Of Women In Brave New World Essay

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In the book Brave New World it is somewhat of a prediction of what the future will be like in several hundred years or so. It predicts the types of technologies, government, types of people and castes, but even more so still has women being submissive and somewhat dominated by men. Everybody contributes to society equally and in different ways and everybody is supposedly equal towards one another, except it seems that women play much the same part as women did in the early 1900 's. Women 's role in society is to contribute to society by working, pleasing men, yet no having as high jobs as the men do either. This perfect society is supposed to have everyone being equal in their own ways and nobody really different, yet the one group still not having the upper hand is women, much like today and in the past. In chapter 4 part 1 on page 63 Lenina enters a room and "was greeted by many friendly nods and smiles" who at one point "had spent a night with almost all of them." Lenina had slept with most of the men she saw in room and was very popular among the men. She was seen as a sex object. Again in chapter 3 on page 51 Bernard becomes upset as he overhears a conversation about…show more content…
Huxley puts this in the book to show that history is known to repeat itself. Throughout history there has been numerous times where woman do the simple lowly jobs and sometimes do not work at all, but must please men. An example very similar to Brave New World is war between different groups of the past such as Mesopotamia and Babylon. The victor of the two groups would raid the towns, burn everything to the grown and the reward to the soldiers was the woman to do as they pleased. The men would use them for the sexual gratification against their will. The only difference between this and Huxley 's book is that they design and form the woman to be okay with this sexual desire of men. Even though this book is a prediction of the future the primal instinct and craving for sex will always be

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