Roles Of Women In Classical Civilization Essay

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Roles Played By Women In Classical Civilizations Women weren’t always seen as equal to men, throughout history women have been mistreated and thought to be less than men. In the classical times,the Rome Empire and the Han dynasty had many similarities and a couple differences in the way they treated their women. During the Classic period from 300 BCE-600 CE, women in Rome and the Han Dynasty were treated and seen as less than men, in China were to submit to their husbands while in Rome women were to be married as soon as they hit puberty and had many disadvantages in divorce,in both civilizations the main role of women was to of taking care of children and the home. In ancient Rome women weren’t given much rights and treated like second class citizens. Women belonged to their fathers or husbands, they weren’t allowed to be independent. In marriage…show more content…
Most families wanted sons and not daughters. Daughters were seen as an extra person that had to be feb while sons were seen as someone who would help work the land and provide for parents when they were unable to do so for themselves. After birth girl babies were placed under beds to teach them that they are beneath. In Classical China, a wife had to wake up early in order to tend for her family and go to bed late after tending for the house. Women were to worship their husbands and weren't allowed to own property. Women were suppose to be married as soon as they hit puberty. Women in both the Han Dynasty and the Rome Empire were treated similarly and but still differently. In both civilizations women played the roles in keeping the house clean and taking care of children. When comparing both civilizations you’ll notice that the women in rome were treated more fairly than in China. In Rome the dowry that was paid to the husband was refundable but in China it was not. Women were thought to be less than men in both

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