Roles Of Women In Frankenstein Essay

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Role of women in Frankenstein
Frankenstein brings out some of the most important issues related to feminism and the perspective of the feminists in the society. In the novel, women are brought out in different ways all which show the stereotyped manner in which the society views the women. Shelley, in the novel, shows the ways in which the women are treated by the men and the idea that some of the women like Elizabeth have chosen to be subjective the treatments. Women are shown to be passive, objective, submissive and disposable. The women are also answerable for some of the acts that they have not committed. In the novel, the woman is accountable for the man's mistakes and misdoings. The men have objectified the women, and have made the women dependent on them. Robert Walton uses women to find out the answers to his curiosity; Victor Frankenstein takes himself as a God and above all while the monster makes the women his victims by killing them for his personal selfish gains. Another feminist perspective is the idea that the contribution of the women in the society does not count. The idea is evident when water ignores his sister's advice (Shelley, pg. 20-77). The women are therefore seen as people who cannot give any pieces of advice in whatever manner.
In most cases in the novel, the women are treated as victims. The novel also brings out
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The significance of motherhood is, therefore, evident in the novel through the various misfortunes that happen in throughout the novel. The person who is affected the most is Victor, who is blamed by his son for not having a mother. Victor is upset by the fact that he has to raise his son alone and he, therefore, turns into a monster (Shelley, 68). The lack of motherhood in the novel leads to acts of revenge and some of the worst behaviors. The novel therefore clearly brings out the biological essence of a
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