Roles Of Women In Mahabharata

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Women in Mahabharata and Today’s Society Literature reflects the norms, condition, and culture of a society, and when it comes to “The Mahabharata”, an epic which is said to be a collection of stories taken over a certain period, certainly reflects the then society to a great extent. Generally, the authorship of “The Mahabharata (The Stories of the Descendants of Bharata)” is attributed to sage Vyasa. However, it was composed over many years and today’s Mahabharata is an edition of many a men. According to Monier Williams, “it is not one poem, but a compilation of many poems, not a Kavya by one author, but an Itihasa by many authors (Draupadi of Mahabharat: History of Women Empowerment, 230).” Many attempts has been taken till date to reveal the composition period of this epic and history behind it as it is granted as one of the most important scriptures from the view of World History which can give us more clear ideas of ancient Indian society. Lately, it has been thought that Mahabharata was originated between 8th and 9th centuries BCE and came into its final form by the early Gupta period (4th century CE) (Basu, 2). Researchers are still working on for more accuracy about its origin and background history. Not only Indian researchers, but also many western scholars like W J Johnson, John Brockington, Annic Bessant etc. have also shown great interest for its historical importance. According to Tagore, this is not just an epic but an “oral history” which shows life style,
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