Roles Of Women In Medieval Times Essay

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Imagine being twelve years old and meeting your soon-to-be husband. He is probably about six years older and you know nothing about him. The marriage was arranged for financial benefit to your father and it will probably be a loveless marriage. This is what most twelve year old girls in the medieval times were pondering about as they took care of their six little siblings. Life for women in the medieval times was not easy. Women were treated with little respect or appreciation and they had little say regarding their own lives. In medieval times, before things changed drastically, women’s roles, expectations, and rights were very different.
The role of women concerning the house, caregiving, and society were very strict. Once married a young lady took over all household chores. For royal women it was less chores and more learning about the art of horseback riding, dancing, singing, and entertaining. Whereas, peasant wives were expected to cook, clean, make clothes and baskets, and care for the children. Although royal ladies also had many expectations, raising her children was not required of her. Instead, they had wet-nurses. Even peasant women usually had the older children take care of the younger siblings. The women’s only
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Women’s clothes must cover almost their entire body. They wore long dresses with sleeves and many layers. After they were married then they wore veils to cover their heads. Since women took no place in society they did not need a very high education. Girls usually learned to read and write but did not continue to higher education and instead got married at a young age. After marriage the life of medieval women was a lonely one. Due to constant wars she was often left responsible for the lands and manor of her husband while he was gone. The education, day to day life, and looks of the medieval women were just some of the expectations they
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