Roles Of Women In Print Media

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Literature Review: Joshi at el (2006) says in their article “Images of Women in Print Media” that revaluation can come when more women enter and work in newspaper, sub-editing, news editing reporting and more touch with the truth of life. Women are very active in every field of life .women as a journalist proved himself works their male colleagues. A gender writer Tazeen Javed (2005) mentioned in national daily, ‘The News’, that the women present by the media can easily be codified in categories such as, a women dependent on man , as an overachieving house wife, as physically beautiful and sexy. Newspapers, especially local language newspapers, are not careful about the importance of the style of the reporting, and tend to ignore the extremely…show more content…
If we speak about rights of women then it is impossible not to mention the word gender. As the issues highlighted through media is not enough of any gender specially women. There is a basic need to uncover the gender issues in our society which is a main cause towards failure of women development in our society. Economic independence play a great role in liberation of women’s in every field of life, whereas also creating awareness among them about the rights and responsibilities they have, and their importance role they play at homes. Media is considered as the bounding weapon to mold public opinions. Media is very important and powerful tool which affect all scenes of our life whether it print media or electronic media it defines what we think, and what our place in society is. Media also help in defining how issues are raised and how they are resolved. It develops gender equality as women and media have great relationship because it gives the image of our women’s in society as how it is influenced. Media is the necked weapon for improving the status of women in Pakistan as well as their role in the development. In this context the issue of gender is raised through media with reference to Pakistan .Media has become the integral part of our society, media is considered as the agent of social change. The power of media in…show more content…
Women have highlighted the human angle which was neglected for very time; women have skills as they have quite good approach over political, social and economic. Their skills have proved their skills through their work both in print and electronic media. Before this modern change women were neglected in this profession, as in journalism but now we can see the motivated and new faces which show their credibility and perform their skills in this field. These enthusiastic women have been become great value to Pakistani media as the viewers, readers and listeners appreciate their work while their salaries in the media agency have unfortunately the same as it was lesser. Likewise there is still need of professionalism in them, basic facilities like old age benefits, health insurance, job security; good work environment etc. is still required to the Urdu print media. They are facing manifold hurdles in the Urdu print media. They have great problems working in the male dominated society as well as they become the victim of pressure, reluctance and satire in the offices where they have to work with their male colleagues. Making their career as journalist they have quite good hurdles because of the overall environment and the constraints they face. The biggest

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