Roles Of Women In The 1500's

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Women have always been important in history; however, their roles have made a lot of changes from the 15th century to current times. Women's jobs, marriage practices, and rights have all changed drastically since the 1500's. These can all be found in Romeo and Juliet.

The jobs women had in the 15th century, if any, were extremely different from what people are used to today. Then, the ladies would either become a nurse, or stay home and take care of the children and cook. The only woman's job mentioned in Romeo and Juliet was a nurse. The nurse played a very important role in the play; however, she acts more like a family member to Juliet than an actual nurse. In modern times women can have any job they want to have, even if it's considered a man's job.
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During the 1500's women would typically marry whomever their family's chose for them. It was also normal for them to get married when they were considerably younger. They would usually get wed to someone quite a bit older than them. For example, Juliet was only thirteen and Romeo was seventeen. Compared to today, this sounds absurd. Women today typically wait until they're a little bit older and marry someone their own age. They are also able to choose who they want to
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