Roles Of Women In The 1860's

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Over the year’s women have made it a long way, we used to be thought of as an item that men can boss around. In the 1860’s, here in the United States, people were expected to do certain tasks based on their gender, but now a days people are free to pursue whatever dream they have, no matter what gender. There are many important women who have impacted women’s rights and got us to where we are today. Starting in the 1860’s, women in the U.S have made many strong steps forward for themselves and have had a great impact on our lives today, and what we call “normal”.
In the 1860’s the ideal mentality was that men would work outdoors and do the things that required strength. According to “”, “women were restricted to doing the in home activities
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After interviewing three women, Ivette Garcia, Haydee Artimendie, and Marisol Gomez. Ivette Garcia is a store manager, Haydee Artimendie is a nurse practitioner, and Marisol Gomez is a school principal. After asking each of them if their job gave them a sense of power, and if they knew some of the stereotypes about women and how does it make them feel. Mrs. Gomez replied that her job does indeed make her feel powerful, and she thinks that it may have been easier to get to where she is now if she were a man. Mrs. Gomez is aware of many stereotypes about women like how they cannot do things as well as men can, and that we are too emotional. In Mrs. Gomez’s view, she thinks that we can do things better than men and that being emotional can be a bad thing but it also gives us a different perspective and in her opinion a better one. I also asked Mrs. Gomez about her opinion on the new president and if she has any concerns considering women’s rights, she replied, “Yes a bunch. I have a daughter and I would hate for her to have to deal with situations that are demeaning”. Mrs. Gomez continues on to say “Trump has said things that are demeaning to women. It’s the reality, he’s not the only one that feels that way. It is definitely not a good example from the president”. I asked both, Ivette and Haydee the same questions, Haydee replied by saying that her job gives her a sense of power and what makes her very happy I that her job takes women’s rights into strong account. Haydee went on to say that, her boss is actually a Latin American woman. One of the stereotypes that Mrs. Artimendi is aware of is that women are weak but she does not agree. She thinks that women are actually the stronger kind and that we are able to get through obstacles better than men are. After asking Mrs. Artimendi her opinion on our new president and if she had any concerns, she replied by saying,
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