Roles Of Women In The 1920's

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Since the beginning of time women have had different roles than men. Women have been the ones to take care of the family in the home and men have been the ones to take care of the financial needs. In the 20’s women began to realize that they were worth more than a housewife and began to change their roles. Women had to fight for their rights to change roles, leading up to events that show their determination for suffrage, and their right to work and be whomever they wanted to be. Women were not given their roles and a question asked is, “Why did they have to fight for them?” Craft believes the answer to this question is “They wanted to be more independent.(Craft)” Women began to protest and work towards the ultimate goal. They began with…show more content…
Now that women have the right to vote, work, and have the same education as men they continued to further their duty to themselves and other women in the future. “Women active in politics in 1929 still had little power, but they had begun the journey to actual political equality.(NCPedia)” They also “no longer were limited to work as “mill girls” or domestics, these women began to perform clerical work in offices and retail work in shops and department stores. It became acceptable for working girls to live away from their families. Some young married women worked until they had children. Working for wages gave women, independence, and by 1930 one in four women held a paying job.(NCPedia)” This was an awesome victory for women in the United States. It gave them hope to become anything that they desired. Women also began smoking to show their independence and sophistication. They began a new age called the Flappers. These women were an “easily recognized image and the flapper symbolizes the 1920s for many people. The flapper—with her short skirts, short hair, noticeable makeup, and fun-loving attitude—represented a new freedom for women. The old restrictions on dress and behavior were being overthrown. Highly publicized flappers shortened their skirts, drank illegal alcohol, smoked, and otherwise defied society’s expectations of proper conduct for young women.(NCPedia)” Although being a Flapper was in style it was very expensive and woman had to be rich and have a lot of free time. Women who were on their own and unmarried, independent women became these figures. These women impacted how future women for future generations will be treated and
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