Roll Of Thunder Hear Me Cry Analysis

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Power is many things. It is the capability to control people words or action. It is the skill to get what you want. Power is something that can be good and bad, liked or disliked. Racism has been going on for years and in class we have studied the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry by Mildred D. Taylor. The main idea of the novel is racism. The novel depicts the damage that had their roots in the slavery era that was witnessed until the time of the Civil War. From this novel, it tell us how different black lives were treated compared to the white lives.

In “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” the black people were tortured and mistreated for no reason other than just because they were black. The first racial conflict between the blacks
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This search for justice often emerges in the characters’ actions and reflections. Cassie uses physical violence to punish people who have done her wrong. She beats up TJ after he cheats on a test and passes the blame off onto her. Later in the story, she also beats up Lillian Jean, a white classmate, and forces her to apologize for being demeaning and cruel to Cassie and her siblings. Cassie’s father, Papa, is also in constant search for justice, particularly at the close of the book as he tries to stand up for TJ as the young boy is about to tried for a crime he didn’t commit. Though it’s often difficult, if not impossible to find, the constant search for justice is an important theme for specific characters in the book, as well as for the entire book itself

The power of one person’s influence or a family’s influence happens in the novel. For example, the Wallace family’s racist attitude toward the Logan family and other black families influences many of the other whites in the story to hold racist attitudes. This is because the Wallace family owns a local store in the area that doesn’t allow black patrons. This example illustrates how “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry” examines the ways in which those who have a little bit of power can exert influence on those who don’t have any.

In conclusion the black people was very difficult as they
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