Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry: A Literary Analysis

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The book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor, tells a story about the Logan family who lived in Mississippi during 1933 and the time of the the great depression.The Logans were different from the other black families because they lived on their own land. This caused them to also suffered social injustices like many of the other black families that owned land in Mississippi during that period. The characters that have been chosen for comparison are Uncle Hammer and Papa. These characters were chosen because they were my favorites in the story. Uncle Hammer is a rich blackman and David is poor blackman, these differences exist primarily because David has a low paying job with the railroad however Uncle Hammer is already rich when…show more content…
One difference is Uncle Hammer has a good job and David does not have a good job. Also Uncle Hammer has a car like Mr. Simms and Papa has a wagon with donkey which, shows the amount of wealth difference between the two. Another difference is that David is smart for instance when they set the fire and Uncle Hammer is not because when he wanted to attack Mr. Simms. One last difference is Uncle Hammer is very wealthy and David is not that wealthy. Some characteristic for Uncle Hammer, he is tall and strong like Papa.Uncle Hammer is wealthy for a black person in his time because if you were black you were not wealthy. Uncle Hammer is calm most of the time.Uncle Hammer is not calm when someone tries to hurt his family. Uncle Hammer lives in Chicago not in Mississippi. Some characteristic of Papa along with Uncle Hammer he is tall and strong.Papa is poor and does not have a good job because he gets payed very little. He works at the railroad and, brings Mr Morrison home to protect his family. Since Mr Morrison lost his job because he got into a fight with some folks.Papa lives in Mississippi but he goes to a different state to work.Papa is calm most of the time but when someone tries to hurt his family he gets mad and protects his
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