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Courage is doing the right thing when people want you to do something wrong.
Through the book, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, Mildred Taylor used Cassie Logan as a courageous young character who must stand up for herself to fight segregation and be able to hang out and ride buses are not segregated with black and white people.Cassie proved she was courageous by standing up for Little Man, helping T.J. even though he had done things to Cassie 's family, and the bus incident Cassie proved that she was a sassy girl who loved her land that her parents owned. Cassie had to live with almost every white person is yelling things that upset her and her family saying racial slurs at her like she was just nothing, but she pushed through it.Have you ever …show more content…

Cassie was also upset at the words that were said in the book about blacks. Cassie confronted the teacher so did little man and she was not having it so they both got whipped. To stand up with her brother because she thought it was wrong to she said, ¨Miz Crocker,¨ I said,¨I don´t want my book neither.¨(Taylor, 27). This quote shows that Cassie is brave and will do anything for her family and she didn 't think it was right what it says in the book and how they got the throw away books the ones that the white kids messed up from new white to poor black.Not only did Cassie stand up to her teacher but she also helped T.J. even though he hurt their family in the past. Close to the end of the story T.J. and his white ¨ friends ¨ robbed the wallaces an took the pearl …show more content…

Cassie and Little man would everyday either get run off the rode and get racial slurs yelled at them as that happened and while they got splashed so they made a ditch to break down the white bus. After that Cassie was afraid that the night men were going to go after her so she said, ¨But shouldn 't we tell Mama?¨ about what they did to the bus but they did not tell her luckily the night men didn 't come for them. After that they had finally gotten to the point that she felt accomplished because the white kids had to walk now to. Cassie proved she was courageous by standing up for Little Man, helping T.J. even though he had done things to Cassie 's family, and the bus incident.
Cassie shows courage because she doesn 't think it is right how because of the color of her skin that she gets treated and her family and some friends get torcherd because of the color of their skin.Cassie shows courage by standing up for people that have hurt them in the past but still helps them because they are in trouble. She got revenge on people that do things to her everyday. Most of all she stands up for the people she loves, that is why I chose Cassie as the most courageous

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