Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Analysis

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In the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, Stacey’s perspective of racial equality, TJ and his friendship, the Simms specifically Jeremy, and his family, dramatically affects the decisions that he makes in chapter 7 and the past chapters. I assume, that Stacey understands most of what is going on, like Jeremy and TJ’s personality. I also infer that he sometimes does not think, and makes a bad decision mainly with TJ, like the coat and many other times. Like any other two boys’ friendship, Stacey and TJ are still best friends no matter what happens and Stacey in a way protects TJ at sometimes. For example, when TJ cheated, and Stacey got punished for it, Stacey chased TJ all the way down to the Wallace store, tackled him, sat on top of him, and made sure that his point about not cheating and Stacey getting blamed for it was clear. In a way, he was protecting himself and TJ, but at the same time Stacey is still TJ’s best friend so at one point they might fight, but the next moment they will be best friends again acting like nothing happened. I imagine, that Stacey lets TJ get away with so much because he wants their friendship to last and he knows that he is TJ’s only friend so he does not want TJ not to have any friends. Stacey doesn’t want TJ to get mad at him or does not want TJ to get in any big trouble that is dangerous for TJ or himself. For instance, Stacey listens to what TJ says and thinks so that TJ does not get mad at him. Stacey knows that TJ is not the
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