Character Analysis Of Cassie Logan In Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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Courage is resistance to the fear that surrounds you. Throughout the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, Mildred D. Taylor, uses Cassie Logan as a character that displays courage and stands up for what she believes in no what challenges come her way. Cassie reveals her courage by standing up for Little Man, and saying that she´ll hurt whoever hurt Papa, and standing up to Mr. Barnett. Cassie is a smart, sassy and outspoken girl, her personalities help her achieve her convictions. Would you ever stand up for your brother or sister even if you knew that you would get in trouble? Cassie knew the consequences of standing up for her little brother, Little Man, but she did it anyway. At the beginning of the book Miz Crocker, Cassie´s teacher, gives the kids each a book that was very dusty and worn down. Little Man waited anxiously for his own special book. He looks down at his book in complete disgust. Little Man is such a neat-freak, so he hated the condition of the book. He got so frustrated at the book and Miz Crocker that he slammed the book to the ground. He says that he is very unhappy with the book he was given.…show more content…
Barnett that he should have helped the Logans and T.J before the little girl. Cassie took Little Man 's place for a wopen so he wouldn 't have be embarrassed on his very first day of school. She says that she would hurt anyone since someone hurt her Papa, this shows that she loved her Papa so much that she hurt someone. Also she told Mr. Barnett that he should have helped the first customer that had come in, which happen to be Cassie, Stacey, and T.J but Mr. Barnett had helped some other citizens before them, even though they came in first. Just like Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed in by not giving up her seat, my character Cassie Logan shows she 's brave by all of these acts and many
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