Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Analysis

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In the historical fiction novel, Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor, Stacey Logan has the arduous task of deciding who is the better friend, Jeremy Simms or T.J. Avery. Jeremy would be a much better friend than T.J. Stacey should be friends with Jeremy instead of T.J. because Jeremy stands up for the Logans, he cares about the Logans, and he doesn’t care about race. Unlike T.J., Jeremy stands up for Stacey and the Logans when they are in a tricky situation. After Mr. Simms pushed Cassie into the road in Strawberry and forced her to apologize to lillian Jean or else, Jeremy spoke up. In the text it says,“I-I apologized already.’ Jeremy seemed relieved that I had spoken.‘She d-did Pa. R-right ‘fore y’all come, she did.” Jeremy’s actions in Strawberry show the reader that he is willing to not only willing to stand up for Stacey, but also his family. Although he knows he will get punished for engaging with them, he still protests because he is truly a good friend. On the other hand, T.J. is not willing to stand for neither Stacey, nor the Logans. This is shown when T.J. lets Stacey get in trouble for having cheat notes although they were actually T.J.’s and not Stacey’s. The author wrote,“ Well, Stacey didn 't see Miz Logan comin ' when he took them notes, and by the time he saw her it was too late to get rid of 'em. Wasn 't nothin ' Miz Logan could do but whip him. Failed him too. '... 'And ole T.J. just sat there and ain 't said a word.” This quote shows
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