Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Book Report

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Many people, everyday get bullied. When this happens, you have to stand up for yourself. You can show courage, by standing up for yourself, and for what’s right. Many African American people, in our history, have stood up for what’s right, by showing courage. This includes Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, MLK, and many more. In the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, by Mildred D Taylor, Stacey has to show courage to stand up for what’s right. Stacey is a 12 year old boy, in the 7th grade, and goes to an all black school. This book is set in the 1930’s in the South, where the blacks were not treated equally. Stacey had to show courage, when he tore up the cheat notes, he stood up for Little man,and he stood up for Mama, when she found out it was T.J.’s cheat notes.…show more content…
He did the same for T.J., T.J. is a 14 year old and in 7th grade with Stacey. T.J. and Stacey had a big test coming up, T.J. didn’t want to study, and wanted to get a 100. T.J. made cheat notes, so he could get a good grade. Stacey caught T.J. making the cheat notes. “ But, Stacey turned his back to him and tore the paper into bits then deposited them in the gully.” Chapter 4, Pg. 79. This quote is showing that Stacey has the courage to stand up to T.J. and he’s not afraid to tear up his cheat notes, so he won’t get in trouble. Sometimes standing up for someone, so they don’t get in trouble is harder than you
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