Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry By Lois Lowry: Summary

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3rd Quarter District Writing Assignment
Courage is the ability to do something that scares or frightens you. Sometimes it’s hard to be courageous. You may need to put aside your feelings and do what is necessary. Imagine having to go up to your friends and telling them to stop playing a game they played since they were little. Or, risking everything you have even your loved ones to save someone. Lastly, picture standing in front of 500 pairs of eyes and have to talk in front of all of them. Jonas, David and I do things that take a lot of courage. Because of courage we can can change ourselves and other individuals.

In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas showed great courage when he stood up to his friends. She states ,” Don't play it anymore,´ Jonas pleaded¨ (Lowry 128) He did not want his friend to play a game of War because he had felt what it was like to actually be in war. What Jonas did showed great courage. He had to 1. Not play one of his favorite childhood games, but 2. ask his friends not to play it. He had to somewhat ¨betray¨ his friends because he didn't want to anyone to play a game that he knew once hurt people so badly. This shaped him as an individual because it makes him feel as if his childhood has been taken away
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Taylor, David (Papa) showed great courage when he started the fire. ¨ Mama the cotton! ´ I cried ´ It's on fire.¨(Taylor 261) Papa was burning down the cotton field to distract the anger mab that was about to kill a young man. This proves he´s courageous because it shows how much he will do for other people. This must have been a hard decision. He knew he would be risking his life, his family's life, his home, and land. This changed him and his family as individuals. The field was one of the only ways they got money. So their life was changed because they had to learn to live with barely any income, and had to work a lot harder for
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