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Cassie Logan, the central protagonist of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor, has, all her life, been shown confidence, love, and pride in herself, her history, and, most importantly , her family. During this year, though she is only nine years old, Cassie is shown the real world of cruel racism and supposed white superiority. Many people treat blacks as if they are inferior to whites, such as Miss Crocker, the Night Men, and Lillian Jean Simms. These people have specifically impacted dark-skinned Cassie; they have tried to degrade her, and destroy her pride and confidence. Throughout my essay I will be discussing how the characters listed above have tried to reduce Cassie’s worth--only because of her skin color-- and if they have succeeded or not.…show more content…
This teacher is very compliant to the unethical rules of the time, not showing the schoolchildren the importance of going against what’s wrong. She expresses this and gives Cassie her first taste of the real world by accepting that colored girls, like Cassie, are “nigra[s]” (ROTHMC 25). Along with this, Miss Crocker hits both Cassie and her little brother, Little Man, only because they refused to use the tattered, racist books in class “she swung the switch five more times” “‘s-see what they called us,’ I said, afraid she had not seen. ‘That’s what you are,’ she [Miss Crocker] said coldly.” (ROTHMC 26 and 29). Miss Crocker is Cassie’s first experience of the injustice colored people are given, as if they were lesser than whites. Though this is true, Cassie is still pretty strong in her pride and
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