Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Conflict Analysis

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Another conflicts that could be observed from the both the text “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and “Of Mice and Men” is the conflict between individuals. From the text “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry” one of the incident happened is when Cassie encounter a trouble with Lilian Jean. This incident happened when Cassie bumped Lillian Jean in Strawberry so Lillian Jean demand for an apology and move to the sidewalk. Taylor (1976), “Lillian Jean said you bumped into me. Now you apologize.” “Okay,” I said, starting past, “I’m sorry.” Lillian Jean sidestepped in front of me. “That ain’t enough. Get down in the road” (pg. 95). In addition, Lillian Jean demands for respect from Cassie and even Cassie was treated badly by Lillian Jean’s father during her first trip to Strawberry. Taylor (1976), Mr. Simms glared down at me. “When my gal Lillian Jean says for you to get yo’self off the sidewalk, you get, you hear?” (pg. 96). Cassie who is just a nine year old girl for the first time encountering a conflict regarding racism and facing such a humiliation by the whites. Another incident that can be observed from this text is during Mary’s conflict with the Wallaces at the school. Mary who is a school teacher got fired from the school because she was teaching according to the syllable set up by the County. Besides, coincidently she teaching history and even more worse the topic is on slavery so although, how ill the white treats the blacks it should not be against on their belief. The County and
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