Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Courage Quotes

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Throughout Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Cassie shows multiple examples of courage. Cassie Logan stands up for her family and doesn’t let her family down even if she is very young. Cassie proves her courage by standing up to Lillian Jean Simms,standing up for Little Man, and helping T.J despite the things he 's done. Cassie actions prove her courage . She is a very strong girl and lives to support her family. She had so much respect for her land and her family.Even during her time period Cassie was still very strong. Skin color didn’t matter to her. Cassie is very strong for not even caring about what people looked like. Cassie is the most courageous.
Everyone hates but loves your siblings. But would you willing to get whipped for them? Cassie loved her brother Little Man so much she got a whipped for him. Cassie and her siblings went to school and got in the classroom. Mrs. Crocker was talking about these new textbooks and desks. Little Man was a very neat little boy so when Mrs. Crocker handed out the books he was confused. He asked why are they dirty. Then Little Man noticed they were passed downs from the white school
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Cassie proves that she has the most courage by standing up for Little Man, going and standing up to Lillian Jean, and helping TJ even when he even put their family in danger. For all of these actions Cassie is the most courageous character. It matters because If Cassie didn’t show this much courage she would not be as strong as she is now and not have learned the real world. But since she was cougaus to help T.J he could still be alive.Cassie is the most courageous in all these ways not only did she help T.J and take down Lillian Jean. She also took a whip for her little brother. Cassie shows many other ways of being courageous in the book such as going outside to see Mr. Morrison with a shotgun. Cassie is the most courageous in the book. As I said at the beginning fear is a reaction and courage is a decision and that 's exactly what Cassie
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