Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Essay

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As the author Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred D. Taylor, develops the theme of family in the novel, she uses the Logan family as a role model with significant qualities of enduring love, care for the community, and fairness for us to follow. One of the most significant role model qualities of the Logan family that Mildred Taylor develops is that they stick together through the thick and thin times. Examples of this occur many times throughout the book. On the first day of school, Little Man throws a tantrum because he does not want to take the dirty book. Not only is the book dirty, but it is also offensive to their culture. Because of the way he acted, Little Man must take a whipping. However, he is not alone in this. Cassie, being…show more content…
Taylor makes it evident that the parents of the Logan family are constantly and continuously fair no matter what the challenging situation is. This is a wonderful quality of a role model family. Mama and Papa understand that choice and consequence are fair and important in life. They use this knowledge to execute correct judgements and punishments to their children when one is needed. One instance when the Logan parents acted this way is when Stacey allowed T.J. to cheat. T.J. knew that Mama must have the answers to the test, and Stacey knew that T.J. wanted to get those answers. Instead of doing his job of standing up for what he knew was right, Stacey simply put the problem to the side. In the end, T.J. did cheat. Because both of their actions were wrong, both of the boys received whippings as a fair consequence for what they did. In this instance, Mama did what was fair to teach Stacey a much needed lesson. The Logan parents also demonstrate the quality of being fair after their kids disobey them. The Logan children are strictly forbidden to go to the Wallace store. However, when they do, Mama and Papa show fair judgement for their poor actions. By giving each of their children a whipping, the Logan parents allow the children to receive an equal consequence to their choice. In addition, the Logan parents are fair in doing what is best for their children and teaching them valuable lessons. When Cassie goes to the Barnett store, she causes a lot of trouble.
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