Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Friendship Analysis

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Thomas Aquinas once said, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” In the novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor, Stacey should choose T.J as his friend. T.J would make the better friend because it is socially acceptable, he is able to give important information and finally because Jeremy's family has the power to falsely accuse Stacey of a crime.
T.J is a much better choice for a friend because it is socially acceptable by the community. It is Christmas and Jeremy has just come to visit and papa is talking to Stacey about Jeremy and T.J. It states on page 157, “Papa took the pipe from his mouth, rubbed his mustache and spoke quietly. ‘Far as I’m concerned, the friendship between black and white
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Stacey, his siblings, and T.J are all in front of the fire when T.J decides to ask whether they know something and he becomes renown. On page 73 the text states, “Then T.J said: ‘Did ya’ll hear the latest ‘bout them night men?’ Suddenly, all eyes turned from the fire and riveted them upon him. Our faces were eager with question marks; we were totally in T.J’s power.” Moreover, this evidence shows that T.J is able to gather valuable evidence that could potentially help the kids decipher what is going on in the community. Furthermore, by T.J knowing what goes into the community he could help Stacey when he is in trouble or could help Stacey’s family. Later in time in the book, the children specifically T.J are talking about someone getting covered in tar. On page 75 it states, “‘ Well, if anybody said them night men was down here ‘cause of some stupid bus, they crazy,’ said T.J authoritatively. ‘ ‘Cause my information came directly from Miz Claire Thompson who seen Mr. Tatum herself.’” This piece of evidence shows that T.J is a reliable source because he gets first-hand accounts of the events. Furthermore, this also shows that T.J is a better choice for amiable friend because he is actually useful when it comes to the topic of gossip. In conclusion, all of the following above is helpful for Stacey to decide that T.J is the better friend…show more content…
This quote basically represents that if Stacey were to choose Jeremy as a friend then bad things, such as possibly getting falsely accused of a crime might happen. In the article, “The five pillars of Jim crow laws” is states, “ The lynching of Rubin Stacy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 19, 1935. Like many people during the Great Depression, Mr. Stacy was probably without a job when he knocked on the door of Marion Jones, a white woman, to ask for food. Ms. Jones first said Mr. Stacy threatened her with harm, but after his murder she recanted. Lynchings were the ultimate expression of white supremacy during Jim Crow.” Moreover, this explains that If Stacey were to be caught touching Jeremy this could happen to him especially if Jeremy were have malevolent actions towards Stacey or wanted to retaliate against him with insidious things.. Furthermore, this also explains that if T.J. were Stacey's friend that this would not happen since this law does not apply to colored people. It is Christmas time in the book and Papa goes on to explain why Stacey can not be friends with the baleful Jeremy. On page 158 it states, “‘We Logans don’t have much to do with white folks. You know why? ‘Cause white folks mean trouble. You see blacks hanging ‘round with whites, they’re headed for trouble. Maybe one-day whites and blacks can be real friends,

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