Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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In America, there is a distinct amount of people from all over the world. Ireland, Britain, France, South America, or as far as Greece, Switzerland, Mexico, or Romania. Even our enemy country’s like Russia, Germany, Japan, and Italy. When growing up in the United States, we as individuals meet other individuals different from culture, skin, and race. Most times, if we have tolerance respect and the idea of equality for other individuals, conversations can get along nicely without any defense. But with society today the diversities in America may not be able to tolerate to find any respect for those who look or are from different countries. In my defense for the past 50 years Human Rights have still not changed. The incidents that involve racial profiling are in a more minor scale than it used to, but can be still offensive when being insensitive or being misinformed of their culture. Even long ago blacks were segregated from the…show more content…
Taylor, describe the life of a african american girl named Cassy and her brothers Stacy, T. J., and Little Man. The walk to school in their best dressed clothing and their splashed by mud from the school bus in the morning. When they arrive to school they're excited about the fact that they are using textbooks but once the find out that the textbooks have already been used, they are furious that they already used by the white school. feeling that this is unfair, Cassy starts to go up against the teacher and complain why the have to use already used textbooks rather than sing new ones. "was something that wavered between the known and the unknown and to mention it outright...was not wise." (Chapter 4, pg. 99 Taylor, Mildred) As stated in the quote this shows the social circumstances of the whites that even though they don’t know if all blacks are bad, dirty, or objectified they chose to assume that they are so that they don’t respect them just because they aren’t the same skin
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