Roll Of Thunder Hear Me Cry Character Analysis

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Courage is the ability to do something that frightens someone to do. Cassie Logan from the book Roll of Thunder hear my Cry by Mildred D. Taylor is a very courageous person despite the challenges and injustices she faces as a coloured person. Cassie proves her courage by standing up for Little Man in school, going to the Wallaces store after being told not to, and digging a ditch to stop the bus. Cassie is a very sassy and outspoken little girl, that loves her family and her land. She tries to show people that blacks are just as good as whites despite all the consequences that may come. If your brother or sister was getting whipped would stand up for them, even if it means getting in trouble? Cassie did and stood up for her brother, so not…show more content…
Cassie did just that in strawberry after they asked for some supplies for T.J. and he ignored them. While in strawberry T.J., Stacey, and Cassie snuck away to get some stuff for T.J. while Big Ma was doing something. When they handed Mr. Barnett the list and he walked away to help a white girl, which made Cassie mad so she tried to talk him into helping her and got in huge trouble. To stand up for herself Cassie said, “Uh . . . ‘scuse me, Mr. Barnett,” I said as politely as I could, waiting a moment for him to look up from his wrapping. “I think you forgot, but you was waiting on us ‘fore you was waiting on this girl here, and we been waiting a good while for you to get back.” (Taylor, 111). This means that Cassie eve though she knew it might get her in trouble, she stood up for her rights and tried to convince Mr. Barnett to help her. In conclusion, Cassie stood up for her little brother at school, ran after Stacey even though it would get her in trouble, and back talked Mr. Barnett, a white man. Like Ruby Bridges were they were both young black girls being torchered by whites. Despite the challenges, Cassie is a very courageous character that we grow to
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