Roller Coaster Acceleration

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One fun, and sometimes scary plus thrilling event that people love to do is riding a rollercoaster. Rollercoaster can look crazy and even scary which makes any person afraid to get on one. Then, that moment when you decide to get on it 's exactly what you expect the ride to do. Including, the fact it makes a person want to ride it over again and again after that the thrill the person can get. The secret of having a awesome rollercoaster ride is acceleration because its change in speed and directions. They say our bodies is a accelerometer detecting magnitude and direction using the fluid in your inner ear. People accelerate as they are being moved around in a rollercoaster. Acceleration is created by loops, turns, and hills on a rollercoaster. Most roller coasters start with their acceleration with a down hill fall. Therefore, creating massive increase in speed which has a huge rush. For every turn or loop that comes after the downhill fall has its change in…show more content…
A speed of a rollercoaster can go as the speed of falling from the sky. It will have times that the speed will decrease for a pause moment. A pause moment would relax a person 's body and have them relax and prepare for the increase in speed. It 's letting acceleration change throughout the rollercoaster than to keep it at the same speed which would make it less fun that way. As for direction, why wouldn 't it have any? If directions was not an options they would just have free fall coasters that takes you up and falls straight down. Might sound scary but would have more fun with one that makes a person feel like they 're on a rocket flying to who knows where. It 's a way for all rollercoasters to have their own creative style that make a huge difference come part to another rollercoaster. In fact, people can know what was there favorite rollercoaster just because the creative twist and turns even means being
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