Roller Coaster Informative Speech

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I am going to talk to you about my rollercoaster. I named my rollercoaster “The Disney Wonder.” My rollercoaster will show previews of some of the most popular rides in Walt Disney World. I think this roller coaster will be something not many designers have built. My rollercoaster will be indoor. It will also have animated walls and 3D objects to make it feel more like a virtual reality. During the ride there will be a narrator in the ride explaining everything. There will be so many twists, turns, and visual effects you won’t know where to look next! The rollercoaster starts higher than the rest of the coaster. The car will move out of the station. When it’s about to fall it will have Potential Energy. When the car is falling it will be in freefall. When the car is right at the bottom of the hill there will instantaneous speed! This hill mimics The Tower of Terror. As the roller coaster is coming out of the station, there will be an announcer talking about the Tower of Terror and before you know it, you are free falling to your doom! All of the sudden there is a plot change and you’re in Magic Kingdom with Dumbo! On this ride, you will be weightless. That’s what I call cool. As soon as you fly off of Dumbo, you will be spinning in the Mad Tea Cups. As you are spinning you will be experiencing centripetal acceleration. You will then slow down to experience It’s a small world. You will get a little peek of all the amazing details on this cultural ride.…show more content…
You then do a thrilling loop in the dark, when a yeti appears! This is a little preview of Mount Everest. Right as you come out of the loop you will experience G Force! All of the sudden you blast off like Rock N’ Roller Coaster. Then you zoom up the hill like Space Mountain. You will get to travel through space until you get interrupted by the jungle! Experiencing the jungle is awesome! You will get to see all the animals Disney has to
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