Roller Coaster Persuasive Essay

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You get pushed down a worn wooden uphill path; shoved, kicked, and punched to get to an unknown destination. You look back at your family, but they’re at the bottom of the high incline, they leave you to fend for yourself. You feel every blow as you board a strange abandoned looking roller coaster, you board and suddenly a blind fold covers your eyes and your off before you can get buckled down. You start with a gasp, speeding through the rickety track fast and can’t slow down the rapid travelling cart as you fly up and down, hitting your head and body on each turn of the seemingly never ending track. Your family shouting from below tries to catch everything you drop and tries to help, but they don’t feel the blows, they don’t know the stress of the unknown, they don’t know how to help. You feel around frantically for an off switch, but it is nowhere to be found. Eventually you find an old beaten down control panel, but you can’t see what it does, you don’t know what buttons do what. But eventually you have to learn how use the panel to slow down the ride and lessen the blows or you will have to get used to all the hits. Eventually you hear other carts, you can get support and ask for help; but no track is the same, no panel is the same, and no rider is the same. But even so, there are so benefits of riding a roller coaster.
You can fly
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You’re always afraid of the stories and the sounds of the crashing of the out of control cart, whether it be the rider or the track’s fault is unknown. All you know is the sounds of the crash and the kaboom of the heavy metal as screams fall lower and lower with a plat onto the ground. All you can do with that is to wonder if that 's will happen to you, how can you stop it, what would you do if that what’s in front of me, could I survive a crash, what is the track ahead of me? In the distance you can hear another crash as you try your best to get the panel in order, constantly preparing for the worst possibilities to
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