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How do I even start, I have never felt so terrified before it was life changing for sure and it was the only thing that made me cry from terror. For some of you wondering what the joker is it is not the villain from batman no it’s not. The joker is a roller coaster and don't get me wrong I love roller coasters but, this made me afraid if anything remotely close to it so in these brief paragraphs I will explain what the joker is and how it affected me.
Let me start off by telling you the story, I was 8 years old and I have never been to 6 flags before and I saw commercials about roller coasters and I was so excited until we got there. I saw all the roller coasters and thought to myself how fun they would be the biggest one was the superman
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I got one and I started to hear the ride creek and the people get one the ride would shake like it wasn't stable I begged my parents to let me sit this one out but they told me if I wanted to ride the superman I would have to ride this. So I sucked it up and got on and when I stepped in I felt it start to sway side to side then the bars came down and I felt safe then we started to go up. As we went up I looked over everyone and thought of how big I was but then we got to the top,we stopped and I saw all the hill we have to go down and god it was scary and that's not even the scary part we started to go down. As we went down the ride would turk and this is wood I was expecting it to fall apart and dwe would all die in my 8 year old mind. So I hung on to my mom the hold time everyone was having fun but…show more content…
The Joker was life changing because of what it did to my pride for one I felt so weak and never felt so scared before so that made me feel like I was a little kid which I was I was 8 years old. But that's one reason the second is it changed my entire perspective on life and on roller coasters. How on life, well it showed me that sometimes you just need to be brave and know that you will be alright and that it's afraid to be absolutely terrified and that it's not a weakness. How did it change me on roller coasters well I think you can guess it made me terrified of every roller coaster now like I like them a few of them but after that it made me feel afraid of anything and every roller coaster out there. When I got home I immediately looked up roller coaster deaths which was not there's best idea I saw people falling off and thought that could be me so part was the actual ride part was
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