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There are colleges that are built around towns, those typically restrict students to the campus due to the lack of options outside of it. However, there are towns that are built around colleges. These provide students with ample options to explore the perimeters of the campus and venture into the town, providing students with a better college experience. Athens is one of these towns. A prominent but perhaps little-known aspect of Athens, is the local roller derby team, the Classic City Rollergirls. They can be found in various parts of town, from Fun Galaxy, the rink off US-78 for practices, to the Classic Center, closer to campus for bouts, and even the more popular rink, Athens Skate Inn for a daily fix of roller skating. Roller derby was created in 1935, a time when endurance competitions were a popular way of making money. Teams would take 57,000 laps around a banked track which was equivalent to a trip across the United States. Later, it became a sport where teams of five would skate around a track. The designated jammer had to take laps around the opposing blockers to score points, meanwhile, those blockers would attempt to stop and block the jammer. Roller derby…show more content…
Dayna Noffke, to join the revival of the sport. The team ended the year with thirty skaters and has since then grown to where they have an A teams, the Classic City Rollergirls, a B team, the Bad News Bs, and a group of new skaters, commonly called “Fresh Meat”, which for Classic City, are named the Murder Babies. When they began, their bouts were held at Skate-A-Round USA and the Athens Arena, but due to their growing popularity, they had to move to the Classic Center. They are currently ranked 149 out of over 300 WFTDA leagues. To skater Hana Hay, “roller derby isn’t just about winning or losing, it’s about the lifelong friends you make along the way, the support we receive from the city, and the ways in which we can give
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