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Within the light trucks category, the vehicles most likely to be involved in rollovers were SUVs and pickup trucks. In 2000, 6 percent of SUVs involved in crashes rolled over, compared with 4 percent of pickup trucks and 2 percent of vans. The proportion that rolled over in fatal crashes was 36 percent, compared with 24 percent of pickup trucks and 19 percent of vans
This report focuses on rollover crashes and recent trends in fatal rollover crash statistics.
The analysis is limited to passenger vehicles, a category that includes passenger cars and light trucks (SUVs, pickup trucks and vans).

Module 2: Passenger Vehicle Parking

Drivers cannot find parking as easily as they would like. Cars are sitting unused on the street for long periods.
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- Are people staying in the parking space for 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months or even longer? Studies show that the longer people will be staying in a location the further they are willing to walk. Pricing should encourage long term parkers to park in less desirable parking locations.
Got options? - Is your neighborhood walkable? Is there public transit? Is it safe to bike? Can people park farther away and walk?
At what price?- What is the price of parking in your neighborhood by location? Does the price vary by time of day and location? Is there either too much or too little parking available?
Vehicle parking is the most breathtaking quest in the modern world today.
Lots of people in the today’s world face this problem while parking their vehicle and during their depart. According to the survey 20 percent of the minor trashes are being caused during the parking of the vehicles. Survey states that there are number of conjunctions and hurdles faced by the driver for parking the vehicle especially 4-wheelers and more. A normal person struggles a lot if the space for parking is very limited. A set of questionnaires were being prepared for the user survey on a likert scale of five rating and an average conclusion was

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