Why Is Roman Architecture Important

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Roman architecture is one of the greatest wonders of the world. Few people know that the Roman’s weren’t the first people to conquer the great civilization spanning from Europe to Africa including the Mediterranean Sea and even some parts of Asia. It seems almost as if it’s been kept a secret that the Roman’s followed in the footsteps of the Etruscans and Greeks that had previously occupied much of the great Roman Empire. Perhaps it’s because the Romans want to be remembered for what they created not for what they destroyed. Creation was something the romans excelled in. Many would argue that the Romans were just as good at creating as they were conquering. The Roman’s had a great respect for creation and you can see it in the remains of…show more content…
The Colosseum (79-89 AD) is the largest and most famous, and it is a typical example copied throughout the empire. The Colosseum had a highly decorative exterior, seats set over barrel vaults, and underground rooms below the arena floor that were used to hide people, animals, and props until they were needed for events. The Romans even covered the colosseum with triangular awnings to protect crowds from the sun’s rays during events. After looking at all of these different Roman structures, we can conclude that Roman architecture and many of its magnificent structures have, quite literally, withstood the tests of time. By combining a wide range of materials with daring designs, the Romans were able to push the boundaries of physics and turn architecture into an art form. Architecture became a tool to show the rest of the world that Rome was culturally superior. Only the Romans had the wealth, skills, and audacity to produce such edifices. Even more significantly, the Roman use of concrete, brick, and arches paired with building designs, like the amphitheater and basilica, would immeasurably influence all following western architecture right up to the present
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