Roman Catholic Argument Against Suicide

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In this paper I will dispute that Roman Catholic arguments against suicide, are weak and vague. This is not to say that if Catholicism arguments against suicide fail, then that suicide is morally permissible. The morality of suicide contains a vast literature of itself, and this encompasses the purpose of this paper. My main target is to bring about the problems Catholicism and their ethical views against suicide. I will show that arguments against suicide are unsuited with beliefs concerning the Old Catholic religious appreciation of martyrdom. It is very important to note that this paper solely responds to many religious and philosophical points and do not endorse suicide to any circumstance.
I will provide the structure of this writing as
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Nonetheless, as Feldman stated that it is quite difficult “to formulate a satisfactory philosophical analysis of the concept of death,” and it is equally difficult to convey a satisfactory philosophical analysis of suicide. “In particular, identifying a set of necessary and sufficient conditions for suicide that fits well with our typical usage of the term is especially challenging”. Additionally, using the term suicide has its own drawbacks because of the negative meanings associated which a judgmental rendering of the term that often presumes moral judgments that are not valued. In fact, the term suicide was not documented before the mid-seventh century and I believe it is mostly a new word. This may seem to be mild unimportant linguistic history, but it will relate to the problem of adequately defining suicide, for the olden times there was no definition for the act of killing oneself. We must thread very carefully when providing for traditional arguments against suicide. It is very important not to confuse a modern notion of the idea to a past…show more content…
We can address this issue as stated “It is also reasonably clear that, when a person does something that he merely foresees may or will result in his death, he does not necessarily commit suicide”. Please think of the crazy game of Russian roulette, a dangerous activity that requires players to pull the trigger of a six-shot revolver handgun that is aimed to their forehead The revolver contains a single round bullet and then is spun, stopping at random before pulling the trigger, players are not aware or there’s no certainty that the single round has stopped in a way that will result in firing of the bullet or not. In this case, the player may foresee with certainty that there is a 1/6 chance that the person will shoot themselves, playing roulette is not subconsciously suicide. If it happens that the player succeeds in shooting themselves during the course the game, it would be appropriate to call this an accidental
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