Roman Death Trap: Film Analysis

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The Roman Empire is often praised for being advanced far before its time with the many innovations and breakthroughs that came about during its reign. Although there has been much history recovered long after the fall of the empire, some structures still remain a mystery. One of these happens to be the Roman Colosseum and is still standing in present day Italy, and there are still many questions to be answered about this gargantuan structure. Colosseum: Roman Death Trap is an hour-long documentary film written, produced, and directed by Gary Glassman, and was aired on the Public Broadcast System on February 11, 2015. Not only does it present the findings of historians and archaeologists, but this documentary also outlines how these people use archeological methods and strategies to answer their questions about how the colosseum operated. Although the film covers different aspects to the operations within the structure, this research team focused on the big question about how the Romans were able to make such large and exotic animals appear suddenly…show more content…
Not only did the writer add suspense with its music choice, but also in how they documented the many struggles that were involved in the placement of the lift. Because of the error in the team’s math, they had to think quickly on how to utilize a series of pulleys in order to lessen the weight of the structure to safely get it over the wall of the colosseum. This particular part of the plot added the last part of suspense to entertain the viewer, while also providing the more factual information and the logical reasoning used to solve the problem with the crane. I personally felt this documentary was a well-executed balance of both entertainment and education within this
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