Rome Engineering An Empire Analysis

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How far can a person’s ego and ambitiousness go? Roman emperors’ engineering abilities were so precise and always had great purposes, but those features are not only the reason their huge projects were so successful. In the video “Rome: Engineering an Empire” talks about how the Roman emperor’s ambitiousness and egos were able to construct such incredible buildings like the Colosseum (70-80 CE), the Pont-du-Gard aqueduct (16 BCE), temples, roads, the Roman Pantheon (118-125 CE), the Hadrian Wall (128 CE), etc. It is clear how the power of these emperors can make such hard engineering projects so quick and at the same time so precise, with no errors. For example the Vespasian's Colosseum, the world’s most famous arena, was built by more than 12,000 men and it took them 8 years to finish. How incredible is that and impossible to believe? Engineers today in the 21st century cannot even construct such huge buildings so quick, not even with today’s very advanced technology. The Roman Empire were the…show more content…
It made me understand that the Roman era was so civilized and I never thought they would have such intelligent technology for their century. Even though the 21st century’s technology is very advanced, it cannot copy what the Romans built back in their day. Even today’s expert engineers confessed that they could not do the Roman’s hard work. The Roman empire were the most advanced civilization compared to other civilizations around that era. Also they were very intelligent with the materials they used; most of their materials were economic, but also good quality, they did not have to spend a lot of money on their projects. Honestly, the Romans had me very impressed with every single project they created. Not because of how huge they are, but because of the technology they
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