Roman Empire Barbarians

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After a long period of its existence, the huge Roman Empire eventually reached its end as “the North African bishop Saint Augustine (354-430) wrote the City of God in response – all empires fall, Rome is no different.”(Class 7 slide) The fall of such a huge empire then raises an important question that what were the main reasons for collapsing of the Roman Empire. Many historians argued that barbarians led to the decline and eventually fall of the Roman Empire. The Romans used the term “barbarians” for all foreigners especially, for the tribes who attacked and intruded their borders. But in fact the word “barbarian” did not have a negative meaning for all people in the Roman Empire. Around A.D. 440, as the Christian priest Salvian indicated, “Almost all barbarians, at least those who are from the same kin and race, love each other, while the Romans persecute each other.” It is certain that barbarians played an important role in terms of declining and falling of the great Roman Empire, but the question which has been argued by various historians throughout the history is that to what extent they were responsible for such a significant historical event. According to historians and long-existed historical sources, we observe that putting all the reason of fall of the Roman Empire on the violence of barbarians would be unsound as there are many other internal factors which could lead this huge historical event.
In Late Antiquity, barbarians had a very negative image; however
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