Roman Empire Change And Continuity Essay

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“Continuity gives us roots: change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights,”(Paneline R. Keser). The Roman Empire grew like a tree with its continuities and changes throughout 100 CE to 600 CE. Rome continued to have similar language, fighting brutal wars, men dominating women, and twelve tables in the government through this time period. The changes in religion & beliefs, Pax Romana, population, and the border problems were not beneficial and led to the defeat of the Roman Empire. Rome was starting to drift in the wrong way they believed they were going. The cultural and political changes and continuities in the Roman Empire were significant in 100 CE through 600 CE. In 100 CE and 200 CE, The Roman Empire undergo…show more content…
Before 300 CE, Rome was polytheistic, believed in multiple gods. Being polytheistic was a benefit because of all the cultural diffusion in their large area and grand population. The supernatural world is very significant in the roman cultural belief system.Then in 300 CE, Romans adopted Christianity as their religion. Before hand, christians were executed and lowered ranked, when Christianity was not their main religion. Romans changed their minds because when Constantine was ruler he promised Jesus and his mother “If you will give me victory in this battle, then I will officially become a Christian.” He won the battle and fulfilled his promise. When a emperor became Christian, this means the empire becomes Christian. Rome continued to be Christian until their very end. In addition, Rome had a set of laws known as the twelve tables. They were laws set in stone to maintain order and stability in Rome’s empire. The twelve tables helped unify the government and the people.Not only did Rome have the twelve tables, they also used their location to their advantage as well. Rome was located around the Mediterranean Sea, making trade and winning wars easier to accomplish. Rome’s army was well respected and important; they also trained a lot. When Rome started to lose power and wars, their land decreased making trade harder to achieve. However, these changes and
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