Roman Empire Characteristics

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An Empire is defined as the relationship of political control imposed by some political societies over the effective sovereignty of other political societies . Empires are political systems based on the actual or threatened use of force to extract surpluses from their subjects . The Roman Empire lasted for over 1000 years until its demise in 476AD. The Roman Empire at its peak of perfection extended from Mesopotamia in the East to the Iberian Peninsula in the West, stretching from the Danube in the North to Egypt . The Roman Empire had many unique characteristics for the time period, such as their organisations not just of political powers but of their cities and military. The Empire was quite different compared to the areas on the other side…show more content…
The Romans considered to be civilised one must live within a city (walls and buildings), as a city is a more functioning and permanent place for a civilisation to grow and prosper. Any citizen of the Empire would have been considered to be civilised if one had the ability to function properly in society while portraying a certain social status. To be classified as a Roman citizen one must be freeborn, meaning that they were not born into slavery under the control of their master. Freeborn citizens were divided into two main statuses the Patricians and the Plebeians based on their inherited social status , this did not include slaves as they were not considered as classes they were more a show of wealth or a form of currency. The Roman Empire was one of only five societies in which slavery was adopted and documented . Ancient Rome was a slave society . The Romans adapted and developed Greek ideas of what a civilised empire should be capable of doing, this is shown in their structure of citizenship, protection of the civilisation, architecture and much more. To be civilised…show more content…
Most notably the Roman Empire facilitated the spread of Christianity to mainland Europe, which was also brought across the English Channel and the Irish Sea. The Roman Empire not only impacted the world during the Empires reign but they had a lasting effect on the world, with Christianity becoming one of the most dominating religions in the world, with countries like Ireland, who still possessing traits that were developed during the empire over 1,700 year

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