Decline And Fall Of Roman Empire Essay

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The decline and fall of the Roman Empire in the West between A.D. 197 and A.D. 476 There have been many theories as to what caused the decline and eventual fall of the great Roman Empire in the West between A.D. 197 and A.D. 476. Political, military and economic issues were mainly responsible for the fall of Rome in the West. There is strong proof that these were the three main causes. To expand on political problems, things such as corruption were an enormous contributing factor as well as lack of strong leadership. Military issues were those of the problematic situation of expanding borders, barbarian knowledge of military tactics, and the resulting end in loss of control over the Empire. The economic problem included the constant cost of an ever expanding army resulting in inflation and raised taxes. Thus, political, military, and economic issues were chiefly responsible for the fall of Rome. Starting with the political side of things, the Emperor…show more content…
One of the other causes for the fall of Rome was the slave labour. The number of slaves increased considerably in the first 2 centuries of the Empire. The Roman's dependence on slave labour led not only to the decline in morals, values and beliefs but also to the temporary stop of any new technology. Romans could rely on the slave labour for all their needs but this reliance inhibited technological transform and development. The poor treatment of slaves led to several Servile (Slave) Wars. In the beginning of Christianity the attitude Romans had towards slaves changed noticeably in the later centuries. The manpower provided by the number of slaves that Rome had depended on had declined drastically with manumission (the act of freeing a slave). Some Romans would even sell themselves into wilful slavery, including into the arena, to become famous or to pay off large debts. This lead to the decline in the tax base of Rome and less money was available to defend the
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