Roman Empire Downfall

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Have you ever wondered why such a great Roman empire would collapse? Well, many scientist has come up with convincing theories to why such a lasting empire would suddenly collapse, but none of them are as convincing as the three theories that talks about Roman’s urban decay, their political corruption, and excess military spending. These theories are the most possible reasons that led to the downfall of the Rome empire because in the urban decay theory, crimes are left undone while the rich dance in their lavish gowns and in the political corruption theory it shows the greed in the Romans when they pick leaders with the highest bribe. Excess military spending is also the most convincing theory due to the reason on how they manage such a powerful…show more content…
Well here is where the theory excess military spending comes into place. In order to maintain their big army and protect the large empire from all the other enemies the Romans are starting to use all their money on their military and raising all their taxes to get enough money for the payments of the army. They would gradually lose all their money that could have helped to improve their technology or produce more food. Moreover the military aren’t just there to protect the empire. They are there to take over more land for the emperor to expand their power and their religion. Eventually the people would get tired of having wars and their strength would slowly start to weaken. So when other empires attack their army would have no more strength let to fight back no matter how big the army is. This would lead to the decline of the empire because as they spent more and more money on the army they would sooner or later run out of money to maintain the whole economy and the military would soon after fall apart considering that there are no more money left to produce food for them. Thereupon excess military spending can be one of the main reasons they Rome empire
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